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So glad you found us!

Tucker Tale Productions is dedicated to encouraging adults from all walks of life, as well as children, to live life to the fullest, reach for the stars, attain their own personal best and create new beginnings!

Offering personal development strategies for evolving adults, growing children and aspiring authors. We invite you to learn more about how Tucker Tale Productions is helping others achieve results.

Discover how we can help you on your personal transformational journey!

Products and Services


Lemonade, Pickles & Worms, The Many Faces of Transition (click on "See The Books")

When the way we have lived our life isn't working anymore. . .designing a new future for ourselves can be confusing and frustrating.

Whether you're a baby boomer trying to figure out what you want to do with the second half of your life, or a young adult engaged in mapping out the first, our commitment to you is to provide:

  • Inspirational books
  • Life transition coaching
  • Personal development workshops and seminars
  • Keynote motivational presentations
  • Self-publishing author services

For all those who would aspire to the unlimited possibilities, abundance and opportunities for joy that life has to offer!

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